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• Analyzing and checking the wastewater refinement systems by exergy analysis, 4th Annual clean energy conference- ACEC 2014, Kerman, Iran, 2014 (with O. Babaie)

چهارمین کنفرانس سالانه انرژی پاک

بررسی و تحلیل سیستمهای تصفیه پساب به کمک آنالیز اکسرژی

امید بابایی، علی اکبر دادخواه


Water is known as an important element in the routine life and the different industries that changes its quality, becomes to the waste after various consumptions. Since, the environmental problems have been exceedingly revealed in recent years, so the decrease of the water resources pollution and optimizing the refineries matter significantly. The Exergy analysis is a strong method for analyzing waste refinement systems, so that it can determine the location and amount of loss as well, finally makes the refinery performance improve by giving the way in order to decrease the loss. The purpose of this study is to analyze and check the waste refinement systems by exergy analysis. Therefore the Ekbatan city refinery has been selected as an important country capital refinery, then the exergy efficiency and loss have been calculated for all units of this refinery. The results show that, the efficiency exergy for this refinery is equal to 0.15 and the exergy loss will be 248.16 MJ. Also the second sedimentation unit has the most exergy loss among the units with share of 39% from all loss of system, so this subject implies that the optimization must be started from this unit.


Keywords: Wastewater, environment, optimization, exergy loss, exergy efficiency

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