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A Moosavi, A. A. Dadkhah*, T. Behzad, Application of Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell with Annular Configuration in Treatment of Oily Wastewater and Power Generation, IChEC 2014, Kish, Iran

Wastewater from refineries and petrochemical industry contains oily hydrocarbons which are not separable by physical processes. So far different methods including biological and photo-catalysis methods are suggested for treatment of such oily wastewater. In this paper we are reporting preliminary results of treating a wastewater sample which is obtained from Isfahan Oil refinery Company with 930 mg/lit COD in an annular single chamber microbial fuel cell (ASCMFC) with spiral anode and anaerobic chamber volume of 90 cm3. The activated sludge was collected from Isfahan municipal wastewater treatment plant and used as basis for cultivation of microorganisms used in the cell. The maximum generated power and open circuit voltage obtained at 33
°C, and 500 Ω external resistance were about 3.1W/m2 and 572 mV, respectively.

Keywords: Oily wastewater, Single chamber microbial fuel cell, Spiral anode, power generation

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